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Solin is from Damascus in Syria. Alva is from the island Bornholm in Denmark. In 2015 Solin came together with her brother Salar through family reunification from Syria to Denmark. Their mother Rawan fled the war 2 years earlier in a rush from one moment to another. It was in the beginning of the Syrian war and she was helping wounded people by getting medicine from Damascus to Homs. This got her on one of the regime's lists, but luckily someone warned her, making it possible to flee in time.

In Denmark Rawan met photographer Martin Thaulow. They fell in love and got married. Bringing their kids together (5 all together).

Solin and Alva loves each other and see themself as sisters. In many ways they show us a way to peaceful coexistence and are young role models of tolerance and unity. Despite their different backgrounds, culture, origin and religion, they embrace each other as we all ought to do.

In Denmark the politicians in parliament have agreed on new strict laws and further tightenings in relation to refugees in Denmark. Alva and Solin, (and the rest of the new mixed family), are now in danger of being separated and live apart in a not so distant future.

Assad is still in power running his dictatorship in Syria, and the war is not over. However it is not safe to go back for many Syrians the Danish Government now plan on large scale extradition of the Syrian refugees to their homeland. 

All money raised from the sale of this photo will go directly to the work of keeping Solin and Alva together. Being able to hold hands and unite. Photo by Martin Thaulow ©.

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Open Edition (Not Signed) is printed on Hahnemühle Mat 210g 100% Cellulose paper. The ink is of the finest quality. This is a high quality photo print compared to a normal poster print.

Museum Edition Limited (5/Signed by Martin Thaulow) is printed on Hahnemühle Pearl (Semi Mat) 310g 100% Cellulose paper. The print is made up of 10 colours and the ink is of the finest quality. Colours are light safe. This is an EXCLUSIVE fine art print. Only 5 prints will be made. Once sold out NO more prints will be made.