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Media, articles, and press about Martin Thaulow

Photojournalist and photographer Martin Thaulow working in Istanbul portraying refugees. I move in and out of societies and social differences to learn about life and its complexities.

This page has an overview with external links to media coverage, articles and press about Danish photographer, photojournalist and visual artist Martin Thaulow. It is an attempt to list and provide a fast acces.


It is currently in the process of being build/updated.




P1 Morgen (Danish Radio) (Danish Radio)

Mellem Os TV2B (Danish TV)


Mellem Os TV2B (Danish TV)

Ourlumen Magazine (English article)

Tidene (Danish news)

News TV2 Bornholm (Danish article)

News TV2 Bornholm (Danish article)


DAT Inflight (Danish article) (Swedish article)

Mellem Os TV2B (Danish TV)

DAT Inflight (Danish article)

Stafetten TV2B (Danish TV)

Flygtningebø (Danish video)

Flygtningebø (Danish article)

Respons (Danish article)

Danwatch (Danish article)

Copenhagen Photo Festival (Press release)

News TV2 Bornholm (Danish article)


Kristeligt Dagblad (Danish article)

Vice Media Denmark (Danish article)

POV International (Danish article)

Mellem Os TV2B (Danish TV)

Semi Femi (Danish review)


Trine Ross (Danish review)


Mellem Os TV2B (Danish TV)