Contemporary and modern portraiture by Danish photographer and visual artist Martin Thaulow

Photographer, Photojournalist and Visual Contemporary Artist Martin Thaulow I move in and out of societies and social differences to learn about life and its complexities.

Martin Thaulow (b. 1978) is a Danish photographer and visual artist. Originally trained as a fine arts painter, but later expanding his work into photography, video art and multimedia installations. He is a keen collaborator with artists from a wide range of disciplines (music, performance and visual art), with whom he has created a number of installations, performances, set designs, visuals for concerts, music videos and art exhibitions. His work has been shown in DK, US, UK, FI, SE, DE, RS, LV and EST. He has an inquisitive approach when he investigates the human perception and new methods to combine media - always with the goal of expressing his personal signature and bringing human complexities into play.

Since August 2014 Martin Thaulow has been portraying and documenting the life of refugees as one of his main fields. This has lead to an extensive series of refugee portraits from his journeys to Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Lebanon. A work which is still ongoing.

Martin Thaulow is a member of The Danish Union of Journalists, commissioned and working as a photojournalist for news media, magazines, NGO's and organisations such as Amnesty, The Danish Refugee Council and Red Cross among others. His work has been sold and published in media such as Vice Denmark, Politiken, Jyllands Posten, Kristeligt Dagblad and ATLAS Magazine.

Martin Thaulow is the CEO, Co-founder & owner of Good people, a creative studio and visual communication bureau. He is the founder,, of the nonprofit project/media Refugee.Today.