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Let's Corona  | January 16, 2021 

Let's Corona

Portrait of Martin Thaulow host at Let's Corona Martin Thaulow

Martin Thaulow hosting at Let's Corona.

Project has been stopped. Martin has decided to focus on other projects.

Since Covid-19 hit the world societies have been closing down one by one putting everyone at a lockdown, under new rules and laws. People are dying as the outbreak spreads causing a chaos. Healthcare workers, politicians, volunteers are racing against time and the world economy seems to be stretched to its max.


As I’m writing this the world has a total of 861.305 confirmed corona cases, a total of 42.365 deaths and 180 countries and regions have been affected. Citizens of the Globe now have one thing in common: Covid-19 or Corona as it is also named. A global pandemic that affects everyone and our everyday life.

On my birthday on March 11 Denmark was shut down. Since then everyone have stayed in a quarantine at their homes. Me too…

The first week of the lockdown I felt depressed and hopeless. Despair kicked in, as I lost projects and a lot of money and my father was suddenly infected with Corona. I feared for his life as the situation got worse. Luckily he has recovered now after som tense weeks. He made it, many others haven't.

As life was changing rapidly it made me think: How can something good turn out of the situation? What can I do, and how can I make a positive contribution?... For years I have been traveling with my camera primarily addressing the issues of the displace. Trying to put a face to the refugees of our time. Giving them a voice.

From these thoughts the idea of “Let’s Corona” arose. Since I can't go out in the world physically for now, (and don’t know for how long), I might as well travel through cyberspace, from my quarantine at home.

What I have is a unique access through my network. I have met, worked, interviewed and spend time with so many amazing people during my time out there. Many of them have become dear friends, and they are still there... SO WHY NOT make this my positive contribution. Live meetings with amazing and giving people on our Globe. Giving us an insight to life in Corona-times where they are.

I haven’t been live streaming before so forgive me for my trial and error. I promise I’ll do my best and hopefully others will enjoy and get something out of it too.

I will be in quarantine until April 13. It might be prolonged, but so far the plan is to air one livestream everyday until April 13. From there I will continue, but at a lower frequency.

THANKS - and Let’s Corona!


Updated | Januar 16, 2021

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