Newroz Pîroz Be

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Newroz Pîroz Be - Means Happy New Year in Kurdish. March 21st is marks the Kurdish New Year, and is celebrated by Kurds all around the world on this day.

The photo was taken on Newroz in 2016 in an asylum center in Denmark, where the majority of people in the center was stateless Kurds from Iraq and Iran. 

Martin Thaulow participated at the celebrations and portrayed this young Kurdish boy from Irak.

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Open Edition (Not Signed) is printed on Hahnemühle Mat 210g 100% Cellulose paper. The ink is of the finest quality. This is a high quality photo print compared to a normal poster print.

Museum Edition Limited (5/Signed by Martin Thaulow) is printed on Hahnemühle Pearl (Semi Mat) 310g 100% Cellulose paper. The print is made up of 10 colours and the ink is of the finest quality. Colours are light safe. This is an EXCLUSIVE fine art print. Only 5 prints will be made. Once sold out NO more prints will be made.